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This is what we do for the environment

Sustainabilty at the PHOENIX Hotel

Our environment is important to us

In order to be able to enjoy the beautiful surroundings in the future as well, we attach great importance to sustainability. Our combined heat and power plant (CHP) converts gas into electricity for the PHOENIX Hotel's own needs and also provides, for example, the heating of the swimming pool. In addition, photovoltaic systems are installed on our roofs, which convert solar power into energy.

To continue reducing electricity and thus protecting the environment, we do not have minibars in all rooms. Instead we  provide a vending machine on the first floor.
To save resources, our saunas switch off automatically after one hour when not in use.
We also already use around 50 percent LEDs. We are planning on continuing to expand this in the future.
In addition, our sauna switches itself off automatically after an hour of inactivity.

In addition, we attach great importance to reducing paper consumption. Our work at the PHOENIX Hotel is increasingly paperless. We also pay close attention to waste separation and packaging reduction, so for example, we offer a packaging-free breakfast buffet.

Local products from local suppliers are important to us as well, so that we also pay attention to the environment and can addtionally support our environment.

And to top it all off, this year we were again awarded the sustainability seal of the German Institute for Sustainability & Economy.
Help us protect the environment together.